Summers in Shreveport/Bossier

Summers in Shreveport/Bossier By Marcella S. Meeks Logansport   I do not live in Shreveport or Bossier but I do have a story to tell from summers past when I use to bring my children to Hamel's Amusement Park over on East 70th Street. Those were the most memorable days that I can remember.... Continue Reading →

Next Trip Coming Up

For years I have concentrated on traveling West but thus far, as far as I ever got was  Colorado, New Mexico and Southern Utah. I have dragged my kids and grand kids all over Colorado and New Mexico over the years yet there are still a few places we haven’t visited yet. But we will... Continue Reading →

When Choosing A Campground

When Choosing A Campground By Marcella S Meeks Choosing a campground can be frustrating for some of us because we all want different things and have different expectations although we all have one thing in common: camping. Some of us have pop-up campers, travel trailers (RV's), and motor homes while others camp the traditional way... Continue Reading →

Our Summer Trip To Lake City, Colorado

Our Summer Trip To Lake City, Colorado By Marcella Simmons This past summer, we drove up to Lake City, Colorado where we spent five days at the Texan Resort. We had a two-story three bedroom cabin large enough we could all spread out and stretch without bumping into each other at every turn. With all... Continue Reading →

The Food is Better Than Good

The Food is Better Than Good By Marcella Simmons When it comes to eating out, I’m always ready. But living in a small town like Logansport, Louisiana doesn’t always give you the liberty of having several restaurants to choose from. Several years ago, a new restaurant opened up in town and because this is a... Continue Reading →

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