Fall Is In The Air…



By Marcella S. Meeks

Fall is in the air, everywhere I look around. Leaves are falling, the air is changing and the evenings are getting cooler. I feel it…see it…and know it is here. My brain senses the change… With that thought comes this.

For some strange reason, whatever that may be, this time of year always brings a sense of sadness to my life. I don’t know why. It just does. The holidays are coming and that is something to look forward to, and I do. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I enjoy cooking dinner for my family. But the agony or pain is etched in my heart, like a scream, it is waiting to burst forth and cry out. But this feeling I have is there, and it don’t budge. It is real and because of it, I get really depressed this time of year. No, I am not suicidal or anything like that. The feeling of loneliness and sadness are present and yes, I shed a few tears from time to time.

The only thing is, fall is a time of year that reminds me of the end of something. The end of summer for one thing. Vacation is over, school is in full swing and the trees and everything outdoors is changing as well as that on the inside. It is the time of year to put a log on the fire, throw a blanket across our knees and sit back and sip apple cider. It’s actually one of the coziest times of year.

But that change, both outside and in, is what gets me down sometimes. Fall triggers these emotions in my head that tell me that I don’t like change. Fall is like death in a lot of ways. Everything withers and falls (or passes away). I do like change to some extent but for some odd reason, fall triggers my depression and it lingers until closer to Thanksgiving. Then it lifts and all is well again.

Change is a good thing. Even for the four seasons.

My summers are usually spent traveling with the grand kids and enjoying every moment before time to come home. When I travel, it’s like the world is alive and my spirit is alive and ready for the adventures associated with this time of year. I could live in a place that is summertime all year long. Unfortunately, my home is in Louisiana and like most of you, we have four seasons.

Wintertime is hard but it doesn’t depress me half as bad because closer to the end of winter, a tree with a green bud or to can be seen trying to poke its head through. The essence of spring is trying to break free after a long winters nap. And with spring comes new life and beautiful flowers and everything green and fresh… New life emerges – a sure sign winter is over, and summer is right behind.

Fall is here for a few weeks. During this time, I will be looking for new ideas for next years’ vacation. Any ideas, feel free to share… Email your response to vacation ideas to marcies1960@aol.com.


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